Adoption, Advocacy

A Weekend Getaway

I have been to California two other times in my life.  Once to attend the Rose Bowl (GO BADGERS!!!) and once to take my then five children to Disneyland.  This time, I did it a little differently.  I flew out to L.A. on Friday to attend what I hope will become an annual retreat with four other mamas who are also working hard at making a difference for the kids who wait for their families in China.

We talked a lot this weekend about ethics in adoption and about how we wanted to fit into that world as advocates.  We wrote a mission statement, created a leadership team, and divided up our roles and responsibilities so that we could welcome a few more advocates onto the team.  We also gave the website its own domain and a facelift.  I will be taking over the blog portion of it now.

Welcome to the new Red Thread.  We hope to make it a one stop shop for education, advocacy and maybe, finding the child you’ve been waiting for.  There are currently over 100 children listed with detailed pictures and profiles via the password protected pages.  You can request membership to the site here.  If you previously requested membership, the password information is unchanged.

Our Red Thread Leadership Team accomplished a lot this weekend.  I’m so proud of that.  There were funny texts homes, and discussions of our babies.  There was support from mamas who have travelled the same road I have.  There was everything we want everyone to find through our website.

There was also a trip to the beach.  Sorry we can’t find a way to bring you that through the internet.  You can get a little taste of it though, from me to you.



L.A.–FullPlateMom, who may have gotten to eat at In-N-Out Burger too.  You Californians are truly livin’ the dream.

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