Adoption, Cate

Re-Adoption Day!

We officially re-adopted Cate!  This process is necessary for her to obtain a U.S. birth certificate.  We feel this is important so that in the future there is no question about her citizenship.  We asked the older kids if they wanted to come this time.  Our middle schoolers have some big responsibilities at school, and they’ve done this many a time.  We wanted to give them a choice on whether or not to be there.  Our question was greeted with a huge “OF COURSE WE’RE COMING!”

So, we all went to court.

Cate's Adoption-1Cate refused to sit in our lap at the table.  Instead, she wanted her own chair.  She looked like she owned the place as she informed the judge, into the microphone, that she had boots and Minnie Mouse socks on.

Cate's AdoptionHe gave her a stuffed animal, which she gladly took, and then ran away with.  She wasn’t so sure about him.  Cate's Adoption-2

Cate's Adoption-3It’s all said and done now though.  Cate is official, even though she’s been official in our hearts for over a year now.

Cate's Adoption-4–FullPlateMom, who is gearing up to do it all again.

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