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Rise With Us.

I wrote a post recently about all of us, as a family, rising to new heights by having absolutely no expectations of Gigi, but by learning from her.  I wrote about how adopting Tess, Bo and Cate has changed me as a human being, and about how I know adopting Gigi will change me all over again.

“Almost a year ago I was asked what I would tell myself about our adoptions if I could go back, what advice I would give myself if I had a time machine?  I would tell myself to keep right on keeping on.  Embrace the idea of having zero expectations with every thing you’ve got, Becky.  Love your babies for who they are, not who you want them to be.  Then I would tell myself that ‘We rise.’  You will have some of the darkest days you can imagine ahead of you as you try to find people to save your baby girl’s life, to understand your son, and as you watch the doctor’s remove your sweet baby girl’s left eye. You’ll rise to these challenges in a way that you have never, ever risen.  You’ll do it, and you will come out the other side of it so much the better person.  You’ll do it for them, but also, because of them.”

I’m coming to you, humbly, and asking something very important of you.  I’m asking you to rise with us.  Actually, I might be asking you to rise for us.

I hate fundraising.  I loathe it.  We had a huge mishap with it early on in this adoption.  Our sweet daughter, Juliana, who fights really hard against the emotional scars of living without a family for so much of her early life, stood firm on her want to be a part of helping bring her brothers to Gigi and asked if she could plan her own fundraiser.  She raised over $200 for her brother’s plane ticket to China by selling a necklace with this message on it.


Juliana has taught me so many things too.  Here’s a kid who loves with all her heart and soul, when she has no reason to trust anyone.  She lets anyone and everyone in.  Even though her head fights with her heart daily about what it means to have a family, she has nothing but compassion for kids in her situation who wait their turn for a family.  She saw this message and said to me “Mom, this saying is kind of like our family.  You tell me all the time that every time you’ve adopted, you learned something.  You told me I taught you something by living through all that in Ghana.”

Did you ever, Juliana.  You’ve taught me a million things.  In turn, I rose.  I’ve tried to teach you that it’s okay to ask for help, to not let pride stand in your way, to let people in.  Adoption isn’t easy, and it isn’t cheap.  We have all of Gigi’s adoption fees covered.  We wouldn’t have gone into this without a plan for that.  Traveling in December, at one of the most expensive times of year, will leave us with a lot of debt.  Cam and Brady raised money for one plane ticket, all on their own.  We still have two to pay for, plus Gigi’s one way ticket to the U.S.  When a sweet friend asked if she could help raise the money, we humbly said ‘yes’.  This is new territory for me.  I’m not used to asking for anything.

I’m asking now.  Should you feel inclined, there are several ways to help us get to Gigi quickly.  An amazing friend, who owns a company that specializes in wholesale products, has helped us create a tee with Juliana’s message on it, one that has become the anthem for this adoption.

12207690_10153765883643112_1294933299_nThere’s also a really amazing bag with the same logo, one that fits half the beach towels we need for the pool.  I carry two of them and we’re all set.  You can purchase these items and help us out by going here.

Or, if t-shirts and bags aren’t your thing, another sweet friend has started a Crowd Rise Fundraiser for us.  The link to that is here.

There are no words to say how much we appreciate your support, even if it can only come in the form of words and support for our kids when you see them out and about.  We are absolutely in awe of the village that has been created because of the kids we are lucky enough to call ours.

–FullPlateMom, who can’t wait to head to China.


3 thoughts on “Rise With Us.”

  1. Asking for money is hard. Buying an awesome t-shirt was easy.

    I love the message and plan to add this shirt to my “good for school” t-shirts, because it will prompt good conversations with my second graders.

    Thank you for giving me the chance to play a tiny part in your next adoption. 🙂


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