Dessert, Tess

A Unicorn Safari

Tomorrow the folks from Make A Wish will come and grant Tess a wish that she tells me she has been waiting for her “whole life.”  Since her life has been relatively short thus far, I had no idea.  But, Tess usually speaks the truth, so I will give her the benefit of the doubt.  She is horse/unicorn obsessed.

When the Wish Granters first came to our house she very clearly told them she loved these things:  her family, unicorns, princesses and the beach.  Finding a way to incorporate all those things was extremely challenging.  If you follow me on Facebook, you know there were some major challenges navigating the wish process with a large family.  Ultimately, this is about Tess getting her wish.  I think we’ve accomplished that now, and I am very grateful she has this opportunity.  We leave in six days for an island in Florida where unicorns are native.  Who knew?!? I’ve been to Florida so many times and I’ve never seen a unicorn.  We’re pretty sure it’s the magic that is Tess that attracts them.

She will have to ride a horse to the area where they live.  Horses make the unicorns feel safe.  So, naturally, we’ll all mount up and ride to where the unicorns roam wild and free.  Over the last week, we’ve read about one hundred books about unicorns, packed every unicorn related item she owns, and counted the minutes until its go time.  The other kids are thrilled for her.  There hasn’t been one question about why she gets this and they don’t.  There hasn’t been one lament about missing Thanksgiving or what we’ll do instead of eating turkey with our extended family.  This is about Tess, and they all know it.

You all have sent her unicorn related items from around the world.  Her outfit for the day we go on our unicorn safari is comprised of items she has been sent from all over.  A pair of boots from my aunt and cousin, a tee that someone else’s precious daughter wore before, a skirt that another adoptive mama handmade just for her.  As I packed all these items, that made me smile.  As much as this unicorn adventure is so very Tess, so is that outfit.  It’s made up of items given to her by people who love her because she loves so freely in return.  There isn’t a person who has met Tess who isn’t genuinely touched by her amazing capacity to love.

Now it’s time to shower Tess in return.  We love you, Tess.  You deserve this.

When we go on these trips, I do my very best to blog, but to keep up with us, the best way is to follow us on Instagram.

–FullPlateMom, who is counting the minutes as well.

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