Dessert, Tess

A Day at the Beach with Tess (Her Wish: Day Three).

Dear Tess,

Today was, quite literally, a day at the beach.  It rained overnight, but had cleared by 10am.  Daddy took advantage of the rainy morning to do a little grocery shopping to get everything you had put on your list, from Pop Tarts to meatballs, because you are “THE WISH KID!!!”  You remind us all the time, not in a spoiled brat kind of way, but because you’re so dang excited.

By lunch time, we had hit the beach.

Cam and AJ helped you into the waves.A Day At the BeachJust as quickly, you decided you weren’t so sure.  Big waves, tiny girl, you have some excellent self-protection instincts.

A Day At the Beach -1You decided to just “dibble your toes.”

A Day At the Beach -2Your sister built some magnificent sand castles.  A Day At the Beach -3You wanted a mermaid tail.

A Day at the beachBrady did the best he could.

Pretty soon, you were chilly and Cate needed a *gasp* NAP.

A Day At the Beach -4I know!  You couldn’t believe it either!!!

We rested and then we got you the ice cream we’ve promised you as a DAILY treat.  Double fudge brownie batter with sprinkles, baby!

A Day at the beach-1

–FullPlateMom, because she is THE WISH KID, after all!

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