Treasured (Her Wish: Day Four).

Oh Tessa,

Today was all about treasures.  I wake up every morning to you two tiny treasures first.


Treasured-5The bigger treasures roll out of bed later than you two do.  You’re ready to ROCK this Make-A-Wish every single morning when you don the unicorn outfit of the day (you have one for every single day of this trip).

We walk down to this little bakery at the end of the street every day.

Treasured-9It’s an eclectic sort of place.  I love that about it.  Treasured-6The lady behind the counter there is charmed by you.  I am charmed by her vanilla lattes and cinnamon rolls (YUM!).    Today, she gave you a little bracelet.  You immediately declared it a treasure.  An hour later, your sister ate it.  Not all the way, but it was chewed up in an amazing way.Treasured-10Oh, Cate.

We replaced it and then bought you a treasure box to keep your items safe from your sister.

Treasured-1The box has a beach-y vibe to it, making it one heck of a souvenir.  You wanted to fill it with AMAZING things.  I told you we would do just that.

The beach is probably one of the very best places in the world to find treasures, so out we headed.


Treasured-13Your brothers and sisters are up for doing just what you want every single day.  So there wasn’t one complaint as we walked two miles down the beach.  They scouted some amazing treasures for you.  They played a lot too though.

Treasured -1Pretty soon, you had filled your bucket with a ton of treasures.  Treasured

TreasuredYour ‘treasure box’ is so full.

We came back to our not so little house and did just what you request every night, family dinner.  All of us, in one room, eating together.


Treasured-2You said nothing makes you happier then when we’re all together “like a family should be!”

You made sure that I got a picture of it.

Treasured-4Then, we went and got ice cream, because we promised, ice cream EVERY DAY!! It was part of your wish, after all.

–FullPlateMom, who doesn’t need a treasure box.  She has Tess.

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