The Aquarium (Her Wish: Day Six).

Tessa Claire!!!

Today was “the best day ever!”  You say that about every single day, and girlfriend, I love ya for it.  That’s what you tell me about all the ice cream you’ve eaten, “Girlfriend, I love ya for it!”  I get ‘I love you’ about fifty times a day out of you, which makes my heart so happy.

We headed out early to get to the aquarium.  
Aquariums and Trolleys-1

You really seemed to enjoy it, but there were no unicorns there, so really, this was something the other kids enjoyed.  You were cool with that.

Aquariums and TrolleysYou got piggybacked all over the place, looking at everything, and asking a ton of really good questions.

Aquariums and Trolleys-5

Aquariums and Trolleys. -2There was, of course, more ice cream.

We got back to the house, went for a swim, ate corn dogs (I have never eaten so much ‘kid food’ in my life), and then you asked if we could ride the trolley.

Out we all headed again.  The trolley was only going to take us, maybe, a total of five blocks, but you were absolutely determined to ride it.  So, we waited.

Aquariums and Trolleys.

Aquariums and Trolleys-3And got a little bored.

Aquariums and Trolleys. -1And waited some more.

Aquariums and Trolleys-2FINALLY!  It came.  And, it was totally worth it.  You were thrilled.

Aquariums and Trolleys-4You were so thrilled that you had trouble choosing a seat.

Aquariums and Trolleys-7

We made our way to City Pier.

Aquariums and Trolleys. -4We ran that pier, even though it was getting a little windy as the sun went down.

Aquariums and Trolleys-1

Aquariums and Trolleys-2You were impressed by the catch of the day, but not enough to touch it when offered the opportunity.

Aquariums and Trolleys-3Your legs got SO tired at the end of all this.  So, you needed another piggyback.  Good thing you have so many brothers!

Aquariums and Trolleys-6It was home, pizza (oh my gosh, your dining choices!) and bed.  Tomorrow, at dawn, WE RIDE!!!

–FullPlateMom, who has gained at least five pounds.


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