My Wish for You (Her Wish: The Final Day).

Dear Tess,

Today is the final day of your wish.  Well, we have two days of driving left, but I doubt there will be much to say about those, except “He’s TOUCHING ME!!” and “STOP IT!”

I’m kidding, kind of.

I think you feel all this drawing to a close, and you’re not sure quite what to make of it.  You keep asking me if “we have one more day, right?”  Nope, sweet love.  We leave very early tomorrow morning.  We’ll wave goodbye to this island paradise as the sun rises.  We will hope to come back someday.

My Wish for You-1We focus on all the amazing things we have waiting for us at home.  There is a Christmas tree to put up and decorate.  There are presents to wrap.  And, best of all, there is another sister to pack for.  You are VERY excited about helping me get ready to head to your homeland to bring “your Gigi” home.  I adore you for that.  I told you that I can use all the packing help I can get.

This week has been all about wishes fulfilled for you, and some of my wishes for you came true when I got to see you do all these things firsthand.  From building massive sandcastles to riding a beautiful unicorn, this has been amazing.  I just want you to remember that while this wish is fulfilled, I have so many more for you.  What mama doesn’t, right?

I think all mamas wish for their babies to grow up strong, find the perfect person to spend their life with, find happiness with a family that you will love as much as this one loves you.  But, sweet Tess, I have so many more wishes for you.  So many more.

I want you to never, not for one second, forget where you came from.  I want you to hold tight to your culture, the one you were born into, not just the one that adopted you.  I don’t want you to ever lose yourself to helping the babies you love so much, the ones that still wait, but I also want you to hold onto your passion for them.  I promised myself that I wouldn’t ever push any of my children into the role of tiny advocate for adoption, but Tess, you RAN there without any pushing at all.  You talk to absolutely everyone who will listen about your “unicorn babies”, these rare gems that, I think, remind you, of, well, you.  Every fiber of your being thinks about what might have been had we not been lucky enough to find one another.  That’s a heavy yoke to bear, Tess, but you bear it in the most positive of ways.  You are a game changer, Tess, just like your brothers and sisters.  Your fire ignites theirs though.  You’re like a spark.

My Wish for You We wouldn’t burn as brightly without you.

May you continue to guide us through life, not telling us, but always showing us, what is truly important.  May you find ways to charm other people into following along.  You are the very definition of someone who walks softly, but is so powerful.  You smile, laugh, and then lay it all on the line in a way that is absolutely impossible for others to ignore.  May you never, not for one single second, forget how powerful you truly are.

My Wish for You-2

And, of course, I wish for your heart to never fail you, not physically, or spiritually.  You have incomparable instincts, Tess.  Follow them…always.

–FullPlateMom, who loves you so.

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