Unicorn Rider (Her Wish: Day 7).

Hi Tess,

Today was THE DAY.  And, oh my gosh, what a day it was.  We were up this morning at the crack of dawn, putting on our glow-in-the dark unicorn tattoos to get into the spirit of the day.

Unicorn RiderWe drove to Bradenton Beach and arrived just in time for you to see them unloading your horses.  You absolutely couldn’t stop smiling.  As we walked up to the beach, we noticed a few other people standing there.  Then, we noticed they seemed to have brought some large trucks and cameras with them.  A ton of large trucks and cameras.

Unicorn Rider-6You did four interviews before you said “I just really want to ride my horse now.”  Done. It’s your day.  Mount up!

Unicorn Rider-5Mount up, we did.  The rest is beautiful history that was captured multiple times by the media.  You can watch it at all these places.





And…HERE, in which your mom cries.  That one is probably my favorite though.

Are you a little sick of seeing yourself yet?  I wasn’t sick of seeing you, because, hello?!? LOOK AT YOU!!!

Unicorn Rider-8But, I sure was sick of hearing myself.  It got to be a little much.

You felt very special though, so that was icing on the cake of what was, seriously, perfection.  We joked that your cheeks might hurt from smiling.  And, as your unicorn appeared, so did a pair of dolphins.  Seriously, Tess?  Seriously?  Could you be anymore magical?  God pulls out ALL the stops for you.

We went back to our “beach castle”, as you’ve dubbed the rather majestic house we’re staying in, and you drew pictures and skipped around for about two hours, pretending to “ride your unicorn.”

Then, you wanted to help with the ‘east.’  You mean feast, but you’re too cute to correct.

Unicorn Rider-1

Unicorn Rider-2Daddy made you one amazing ‘east.’

We went to the beach all together, and enjoyed the 82 degree day.

It was magical.

I have to take a minute to tell you something though, Tess.  As much as this trip has been about you, there have been nine other kids who have made it as special as can be FOR you.  Nine kids who have stood in the background of every photo, every interview, and every special event and cheered you on, just the way they did when you were sick.  They’ve waited patiently, gone along for everything, never really asking for anything for themselves, and truly, none of them have complained.

Unicorn Rider-3

Unicorn Rider-4Don’t get me wrong, they have had a TON of fun, but I’ve heard them remind each other to “Be patient! This isn’t about YOU!”  I am so impressed with their maturity, even when some of them are only five, or two-years-old.

Unicorn Rider-10

Unicorn Rider-9You have a pretty awesome village, Tess, around the world, and, right here at home.  These kids, who dance in the background so often, went around the table today at your ‘east’, and every single one of them said nearly the same thing.  They are all so thankful for…you.

Unicorn Rider-7So, my sweet Tess, when you think back about today, and you read this journal to help you remember, may you always be reminded from the writings of the person who loves you more than nearly anyone, that no matter how hard things seem, or how many wishes come true, there are always at least nine other people dancing right behind you, sometimes stepping out of the spotlight and into the background for you, but ALWAYS cheering you on every single step of the way.

Sweet dreams, my precious girl.

You are so loved.

–FullPlateMom, whose own wish came true today too.




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  1. That’s a real unicorn!!! I saw one just like it in France! So glad to see your wish come true. Looks like a perfect day for all. Dolphins. Really. They came to see the unicorn, too!

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