Made It!!!

We’ve made it to Shanghai safely!  Let the adventure begin.  I don’t have a ton of photos of a rather uneventful, thankfully, but also uncomfortable, not unexpectedly, plane ride.  The boys were absolute troopers.  We ended up on a plane with no personal inflight entertainment system (seatback screens).  Bummer.  I told the boys how sorry I was.  Brady reminded me that 1. we were loaded with personal entertainment devices (iPhones, a laptop, two tablets, oh my gosh…) and 2. this is a first world problem.

13 hours and 50 minutes in a seat that has 31 inches of leg room.  Three people in less than nine square feet of space for a day.  It’s hard.  The boys declared it worth it though.  We made it until about 7pm last night local time, then fell asleep HARD and slept until 5am.  We’ll see how the jet lag gets us later, but we did what we could.

I promise more pics today as we tour Shanghai.  For now, these are our before/after selfies from the LONG day of travel.


IMG_5850–FullPlateMom, who knows what you’re all really wondering.  We will meet Gigi on Monday morning (Sunday night for all of you).  I will post pictures as soon as I possibly can.  THANK YOU FOR CHEERING US ON!!!

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