Shanghai Sights.

Today we did a full day of touring around Shanghai.  Brady was up an ready to go right away.  He couldn’t wait to get out of the hotel room.  Shanghai SightsThere’s just so much to see and do.

We hopped into a cab and took a ride to The Bund.  It was so foggy today that almost none of the skyscrapers were visible.  We asked, this time it was for sure fog, and not smog.

Shanghai Sights -2

Shanghai Sights-2Cam and Brady followed along really well, asking a ton of questions of our guide, Michael.

Once we were done at the Bund, Michael took us to Nanjing Road’s famous shopping area.

Shanghai Sights-5

Shanghai Sights-1When we were done there, it was onto the Jade Buddha Temple.  Turns out, it was a special day for Buddhists.  Throngs of people were there to pray to Buddha.  A lot of them were burning items to send special messages to Buddha in the smoke.  The smoke is considered the messenger to the heavens.

Shanghai Sights-6These ornately folded paper flowers are meant to be burned.

Shanghai Sights-9It was pretty smoky up in there.

It was decorated beautifully though!

Shanghai Sights-11After we were done with this, we asked Michael to take us to a local park via a traditional neighborhood for some people watching.

Shanghai Sights -1There we A LOT of food to see too.

Shanghai SightsWe got back to the hotel, exhausted, but needing to stay awake.  In order to do this, we decided to walk to the local mall where we found an arcade.  Cam put a couple of coins in and immediately won.  He’s pretty sure his Christmas shopping for his sister is done!

Shanghai Sights -4It was a hoot to see the Chinese idea of what passes for a Christmas tree!

Shanghai Sights -5–FullPlateMom, who thinks nothing says Christmas like a plush monkey-covered tree.


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  1. Cheering you on!! I am amazed you have found the time and energy to blog. Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

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