Shanghai Saturday.

We spent the day in Shanghai again.  Tomorrow morning we’ll move on to Nanjing via bullet train.  The boys are SO excited about the train.  We learned a lot about Nanjing today in anticipation of our journey.  Up until 1949, it was the capital of the Republic of China, now known as the People’s Republic of China.  Super interesting.

Shanghai is crowded on a Saturday.  We started our journey heading to the wholesale market for a cheap suitcase for Gigi.  Michael, our guide, knew right where to find one.  Well, kind of.  All the stores start to look the same after awhile, so we wound through rows and rows of them to find the perfect, pink suitcase.  On the way, we saw a ton of cool stuff.

Shanghai Saturday

Shanghai Saturday-1There are Christmas decorations galore here, but no one has any idea why they have them.  People just consider them “for fun.”  Brady found that amusing.  Oh America, your commercialism crosses shores.

After finding our suitcase, and a backpack too, we headed to the local gardens.

Shanghai Saturday-3

Shanghai Saturday-4 The boys listened intently to every explanation of the architecture and history.

At lunch time, Brady and I requested that we head to a local restaurant, one where real Chinese people might eat lunch.  Michael gladly complied.

Shanghai Saturday-6Cam was less than thrilled, but I am super proud of him, he tried every single dish on the table.

Shanghai Saturday-7Then we went to McDonald’s.  We tried.

After this, we headed back to The Bund, where we were greeted with a slightly clearer view of the skyline.  This is smog this time, and not fog.

Shanghai Saturday-8After all this walking, the boys were beat.  But, when I explained how badly I wanted to see the Shanghai Museum, they agreed to accompany.  For the next two hours, they toured the entire building looking at all the Ming china and other artifacts.

Shanghai Saturday-9They never once complained.  Over five miles walked today.

–FullPlateMom, who is going to hug her boys for being so kind to her.


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