Adoption, China, Gigi

The Beginning of Forever.

DSC_0002She wasn’t pleased at the sight of us at first.  We had to work hard to entice her with a backpack full of stuff, especially snacks.

DSC_0004She liked putting things in a bag and then dumping them out.  Putting them in, and dumping them out.  We got right down on the floor with her and did it over and over.

DSC_0006Pretty soon, her brothers were allowed to come closer.

DSC_0014There was a flood of tears when her beloved nanny left.  Then, it was done.  Grief will come in waves.  We know that well.  We have 24 hours of a “bonding period” for us to change our minds.  In this house, for this mom, that never happens.

Come what may, from this moment on, I am hers and she is mine.

Forever begins now.

–FullPlateMom, who is so very grateful.

10 thoughts on “The Beginning of Forever.”

  1. Gigi, you are already a Ketarkus kid – charming, inquisitive, brave, and utterly adorable. May your life with your forever family be filled with enormous joy, love, happiness, and giggles!


  2. The line, “We got right down on the floor with her and did it over and over.” made me cry. I’m so happy/sad for you all. Congratulations on your new beautiful daughter!


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