Testing All the Limits.

Today we decided to try taking Gigi to a more pedestrian-friendly area of the city to “let her roam.”  I didn’t bring our toddler carrier, or a stroller.  I thought letting her run would be a nice change for her.

She loved it.

I nearly had a stroke.

This tiny girl has never needed limits, because prior to my entry into her life, her world was tiny.  A few walls, a crib, maybe a trip or two to a playroom.

Now she has a whole world to RUN through, to explore, to touch, and, disgustingly, to taste.

It’s not surprising this trip out was a little bit of a nightmare for me.  You would think I was new at this, that I had never adopted a preschooler before.  I need to remember that I can’t hand her the whole world overnight and expect her to know how to manage it.  She’ll end up backwards on a lot of things, simply because she hasn’t experienced them before.





DSC_0115–FullPlateMom, who will try harder next time, Gigi.

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