Oh, siblings.  You are best friends and worst enemies all rolled into one.  You would think that moving into a house of ten children would be a big adjustment for Gigi.  Not so much.  She is GREAT with all her brothers and sisters.  She revels in the chaos.  She floats from kid to kid, seeing what they’re doing, playing a little, and then moving on.

I caught Bowen attempting to “read” to her today.  She’s deaf.  So, really he was finding pictures in a random book he knew the signs for, pointing to them and signing it.  She was repeating it and clapping and laughing.  Tiny teachers.  She has SO many tiny teachers.

The largest adjustment in our home when it comes to relationships of the sibling variety is from Cate.  She was SO excited about the idea of Gigi.  She couldn’t WAIT to meet her at the airport.


IMG_8614-1The reality of Gigi is a little less romantic.  Gigi doesn’t even really cramp Cate’s style all that much.  Cate is just used to having the constant, undying, sometimes verging on brat-creating, love of her siblings.  Cam was ALL Cate’s before Gigi got here.  She took him!  “She took my CAM!”  She even said it.  She was SO mad.

So, Cam attempted to share his lap.  Not good enough.  This ended in a shoving match that yielded Gigi a seat on the floor.  Her nearly naked, brute of a sister, shoved her to the ground on her first day here.  If I could hear Cate’s inner monologue I’m sure it would have gone a lot like this, “Interloper!  Don’t touch my stuff, Interloper!  Don’t touch my Cam, Interloper!  Don’t you even think about trying to wear the clothes I never even want to wear, Interloper!”

Prior to my leaving, Cate decided she didn’t want a “baby chair” anymore.  She wanted to sit at the table in an adult chair.  Fine.  So, when I got home with Gigi, I put his in the “baby chair.”  Oh, heck, no.  It was on like Donkey Kong.  Guess who has a new “baby chair” arriving tomorrow.

We do.

She’ll probably use it for five minutes.  We’re trying to balance compassion and sympathy for this major life change with our usual stern, non-brat creating parenting style.  I won’t lie to you, it’s dicey.  Cate is crabby.  Gigi doesn’t understand why.  It will get better, and there are moments of beauty.  Right now though, it’s minute by minute up in here.  Who will cry next?  What happened?  Is anyone hurt?  That’s my inner monologue.

For now, we’re giving Cate and Gigi separate corners.  And shared custody of Cam.

–FullPlateMom, who is pretty sure someone around here is going to end up with a black eye, and it probably won’t be Cate.

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  1. Bless you, mama! I know you were trying hard to leave the bad stuff to FPD. But in war, there are no timeouts. Bless you, Gigi, for trying so hard to learn the ropes when they are not quite clear yet Bless you, Cam, for trying to be a role model and caregiver when you are still a tween. It can be SO hard. I am 40 and still think of myself as my mom’s baby and then I have to go be an adult. But I really would like to still be a child so much of the time. Bless you, Cate, for learning the ropes oly to have them change. You will learn them again, and find your new center. Bless you all during this adjustment period. It WILL get better. Say that in the mirror 50 times when it feels like it will not. Then chug a glass of wine with the whine.

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