New Year’s Resolutions–Full Plate Style.

When we all eat dinner together, which isn’t every night because you know, sports and all, we always pray together.    It’s our thing.  We go in age order, one kid per night, asking them to tell everyone else what they’re praying for specifically.  Highlighting one child makes it intentional.  It makes them think.  I found that when we just all prayed for “so and so, and so and so, and so and so’s dog” that it became rote memorization.  Today is all about change though, about resolutions.

So, tonight, we changed it up.  We included all the kids, which takes awhile, but is worth it.  Because this was the best I could have hoped for.  We went around the table and said one or two things we were resolving to do, or change, in the new year.

Cam— Resolves to study more at home, because while his grades are great, he could be doing more at home to make them even better.

Dad— Resolves to take better care of his relationships, especially with mom.  *This earned a cheer from mom*

Jax–Wants to be more organized with his schoolwork and chores.  *This earned a cheer from both mom and dad*

Tess–Would like to spend more time with her friends, especially in 4K.  4K is nice, and friends are important.

Brady–Is going to learn more ASL this year, so he can really hear what Gigi is thinking.  *This earned a tear from mom*

Sofia–Work on her math facts and read more after school.

Cate–Wants another brother, one who likes to eat grass.  *None of us had any idea what this meant, but we all busted a gut laughing.*

Bowen– That he will listen to his beloved teacher all the time.

AJ–To try and do a better job remembering to do his chores without having to be reminded.

Mom–Is going to play more and yell less.

Ally–To interact with others more, and be more open with her feelings.

Gigi–Had no idea what was going on, but I kept alternating between laughing and crying, and was attempting to sign exactly what was happening.  Mostly, she got that her kids are SO funny.  She was smiling and clapping at all the noise and laughter.

Juliana–Is going to try really hard to let herself have a mom.  *This one did me in.  I was full on crying by then*

All these resolutions are so amazingly thoughtful, beautiful, and in some cases, so funny.   These kids.  May they continue forward with all these resolutions, but may they never change who they really are.

–FullPlateMom, who can’t wait to see what 2016 brings.



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