Filling Her Bucket.

Tess doesn’t call it her “bucket list” like so many of us do.  Instead, when she talks about her hopes and dreams, she refers to this list as “the list of things that fill my bucket.”  She’s talking about all the things that fill her soul with happiness.  I kind of love that.  I strive to live like her, and do all the things that fill my bucket.

She ticked another one off her list yesterday.
DSC_0019Oh Mulan, you’re Tess’s absolute favorite.  “She’s like me!  She’s from China.  I’m Chinese-Merican!  And, you what is the best?  The movie even talks about how she is a brave warrior.  You always tell me that I AM A BRAVE WARRIOR!”
DSC_0025Tess whispered this all to Mulan.  And Mulan, God love her, gave Tess a kiss, leaving a lipstick print on Tess’s cheek that she wore proudly for the rest of the day.

When Tess’s time with Mulan was coming to a close, she gathered her most passionate Mulan-loving brothers and sisters in for a pic.  DSC_0024Gigi is a total fan.

–FullPlateMom, who was a little starstruck herself.

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