Scenes from a Saturday: Fun Fair and a Cut of their Hair.

I want to be so much better about posting the every day stuff we do around here on this blog, along with documenting the firsts .  Today was the elementary school Fun Fair.  I love this day every year and I will be SO sad when I don’t get to go to them anymore.  Luckily, that day is a long way off for us.

This was Tess’s first year experiencing all the joy that is participating in a school community.  This 4-year-old Kindergartener LOVED it.

DSC_0214Cate was all in once she saw there were prizes involved.


Gigi wasn’t so sure at first, so she hung out on daddy’s back.

DSC_0217Pretty soon she was happy to go with Cam and try some of the games.

DSC_0229When you enter middle school, we have you take a volunteer shift at the Fun Fair, as a way to give back to your alma mater.  Brady helped out at the fishing booth.

DSC_0226He had some handsome customers.

DSC_0244They prefer to remain incognito though.  DSC_0239When you’re an older elementary student, you get the run of the place though.  Sofia thought that was a BIG deal.  It’s also the reason I have no pictures of Juliana, Jaxen or AJ.  They were off enjoying their community.

It’s also a big deal to get your first hair cut.  Well, your first one outside of an orphanage.  Yes, it was Tess’s first.  Immediately before handing her to me, her orphanage shaved her head.  It totally emotionally scarred her.  She hasn’t wanted her hair cut since.  It was growing FAST though.  It was approaching her waist.  She agreed to let us trim it in order to model the process for Gigi.  She’ll do anything for her girls.

DSC_0252Who took all of it in with some giggles (Gigi) and some trepidation (Cate).

DSC_0256Gigi rocked it.  She watched Tess, then we signed to her the entire way through, and she was wonderfully behaved.

DSC_0258Cate thought the whole thing was whack.

But, she has one VERY trendy asymmetrical bob now.  Yes, it is asymmetrical on purpose.

–FullPlateMom, who loves little Chinese girls with bobs.

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