Broken heart, Tess

Coming Up On The One.

Friday marks the one year anniversary of Tess’s second open heart surgery, a day to be celebrated for sure.  Saturday, Sofia’s 8th birthday, marks the one year anniversary of the day we almost lost her.  She has been more emotional than usual this week.  I don’t think this is related to her feelings necessarily.  I think it’s more related to mine.  Processing this kind of near miss experience has been hard.

We nearly lost our girl.

Naturally, I look back at the past year and think, what if…

What if we had lost our chance at all this?

Dolly with Playdoh

The Return to Yuga-7

Dolly in the Grass-1

3 Months-1

At the Zoo-1

The First Day-1

Pumpkin Patch-3

Unicorn Rider-8





DSC_027312 photos, representing 12 more months of Tess.  What if we had none of this?  What if it had all ended in that moment?  This is what I think about, as her mom.  I think of all the moms who don’t get the 12 more months of memories.  I think of the moms whose worlds come crashing down in that moment.  I think of them and I think of their loss.  In their honor, because they loved their babies as much as I love Tess, I vow to spend the rest of her life paying it forward.

We do this in small ways every single day.  For the next 8 weeks, to represent the anniversary of her recovery period, we’ll be doing it in larger ways.  With my help, Tess will be fundraising for the kids who are still working on their recovery.  When asked about her hospital stay, she will tell you that the most important thing to her was that “my mom was always with me.”  She’ll tell you that her best memory is “when Goosie came to visit.”  She means her sister, Cate.

It’s natural then that we fundraise for the organization that made that possible.  We’re going to give back to Ronald McDonald House Charities.  They gave me a room to stay in when I needed it, and helped make it possible for Cate to come and visit for short periods while Tess was inpatient.

Tess is a lover of all things fashion, so we’ve incorporated that into this week’s fundraiser.  Tess has a very favorite clothing company, as do I.  We’re HUGE Matilda Jane fans around here.  Matilda Jane is allowing us to “give back” to Ronald McDonald House Charities by allowing us to host an online trunk show where as much as 20% of sales will be donated to RHMC in Tess’s honor.

Matilda Jane embodies all the things we love around here.  They’re an inclusive clothing company.  Many of their models have visible differences like Down Syndrome or Dwarfism.  They choose models that represent children of all races and ethnicities.  And, their clothes are meant to keep little girls looking little.  They also have a tween line and mama line that are classy and high quality.

If you would like to join our event, you can go HERE.  You can purchase Saturday and Sunday, on the anniversary of our miracle, and all proceeds will go to Tess’s effort to pay it forward.  Thank you!

–FullPlateMom, who will never stop being grateful for her girl.

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