Signing Scavenger Hunt

Tomorrow is National ASL Day.  American Sign Language is so important in our home.  In fact, it is what most of our basic daily interactions take place in now.  I’m pretty proud of that.  I think we’re signing 80-90% of what we say, as parents.  Our kids are still working on it.

To help them along, our AMAZING Graduate Student in Speech/Language gave us a game created called ‘Signing Scavenger Hunt.’  We have several cards with items you would see while walking through our subdivision printed on them (fence, flower, garage, mailbox, etc).  When we see them, we mark sign them and check them off.  The first “team” to have a full card is the winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Sometimes, we play a game to see who can get Gigi to sign their whole card first.  The trick to this is, sometimes, Gigi isn’t in the mood to sign anything.  So, half of the game is spent cajoling her into actually doing the sign.  Only her kids can get her to do it.  There is lots of deaf applause involved.  And sometimes, some candy.



DSC_0296Cate wonders if being deaf will earn her any candy.

DSC_0285Sorry, Cate.

–FullPlateMom, who sneaks her a jelly bean every now and again.  Because…that face!!!

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