Our Own Physical Therapy

We are now one year past Tess’s big heart surgery.  So much joy in that!  She is still working hard to catch up on some of the milestones she missed because she was so sick for so long.  Tess is still behind in gross motor development.  She is 5 years old and her balance is still effected by being bedridden for so long.  Her body can’t do what other kids’s do without some major effort.  Her movements are jerky and uncoordinated.  She can’t come close to skipping.  We only just mastered galloping.

She doesn’t qualify for Physical Therapy anymore, not through school or our insurance.  She can function, yes, but we’re looking for more than that.  So, we had to do something else.

You’ve heard about Tess’s love of yoga (or ‘yuga’ as she called it for so long).  This has helped her immensely, and continues to help her.  In fact, her goal is to teach it to other kids.  I have a GREAT post about that coming up.

Tess also takes ballet.  Ballet of the Storybook variety.  It is SUCH a fun class, and so much of what is done overlaps with what yuga has to offer her.  They work on core strength and posture.  They work on control of movements, and, because the teacher is lovely, she works on breathing with the kids.


DSC_0257And at the end of every session there’s a recital.  This time the kids put on Sleeping Beauty for us!



DSC_0289It really couldn’t have been any more adorable.

–FullPlateMom, who loves to see her girls find their inner strength.


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