I’m Doing the Best I Can.

I’m headed to the middle school to pick up Miss Ally in just a few short hours.  We are SO excited to have her back after a week in DC.  If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve seen my updates from her.  She has texted daily, emailed and sent photos.  Then she told us she misses us, and that, sadly, a tour with 40 middle schoolers is just too quiet for her.  That is sad because it’s an obvious commentary on how loud our house is.

Her absence left a hole, but we’ve been keeping busy.  Adjusting to the summer routine is always just that, an adjustment.  We’ve also been thrown for a little health-related loop when it comes to Gigi.  Her eyes have been a concern since she came.  We’re not sure what caused her vision loss, and we’re not sure if whatever that cause will cause her to lose more of her vision.  We live in a state where there is, apparently, a shortage of qualified pediatric Ophthalmologists.  We received approval late last week to travel to Mayo Clinic.

Prior to doing that, we have to see our local Ophthalmologist again and be worked in with a Geneticist.  Plus, we have a whole slew of ongoing Audiology appointments.  Plus, we have intensive Deaf Preschool for the next three weeks.  Plus, we’ve hired an interpreting student to come and work with all the kids on the days our Deaf Mentor doesn’t.  And, we have signed swim lessons for Gigi, because, she is a drowning risk every single time we enter an area with water (she is wild woman in the water).

This is one child.  Of 11.

I’m not complaining, this is what we signed on for.  And, I love my kids desperately.  But, it’s hard.  As one might imagine, other people get lost in the shuffle.  I got three texts this week from people asking if I’m mad at them.  That’s the problem with social media, the internet, and having 11 kids.  Tone is hard to read,  and, I’m short on time, so I take short cuts.  I am rarely angry in a way that would cause me to simply not respond to someone.  I’m sure I just forgot.  Please don’t give up.  I really am so sorry.

I’m asking for some grace.

If I skipped your personal message by accident, I am so sorry.  If I missed an email, or a text, I’m sorry.  If you see me on my phone, answering emails and texts, I am not ignoring you, I promise.  This is a rough season for us.  Everyone has them.  Sadly, we are not immune.

–FullPlateMom, who is grateful for grace.

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