I’m Proud of Us.

Hi Gigi!  Can you believe you have been part of the FullPlateFamily for SIX MONTHS! It seems like time flew, yet, it seems like we’ve run a marathon.  Girlfriend, Tess always laughs when I call you that, there was a HUGE learning curve to adopting you.

Much like with your sister, Tess, it wasn’t a learning curve I wasn’t expecting, but it was a learning curve that I simply couldn’t comprehend until you were here.  Learning a new language is no joke.  It has stretched me in ways I don’t think you’ll ever comprehend, because, God willing, you’ll always be bilingual. I’m old though, and should I ever consider myself completely fluent in ASL, this will be one of my proudest accomplishments.  Not because I did it, but because I did it with you.

We’re learning together.  I hope that always continues.

I have so many hopes for you.  I wasn’t sure what to hope for before you got here.  I didn’t have any expectations before meeting you.  Then you started to tell us things, even in China.  At first, you communicated solely your needs.  Mostly, how hungry you were.  Then you began to tell us your feelings.  You learned the sign for ‘hurt’ and you wanted kisses.  Then you began to tell us how other people felt.  Hey Mom! Goose is crying! She’s so sad!  We’re working on counting and colors now, much the same way other preschoolers are.  You have deficits still, but I see all kinds of amazing in your future.  We’re daring to dream for you, sweetheart.

Thank you, sweet Gigi, for six months of miracles.

In China…
DecemberJanuary (Disney World)JanuaryFebruary, when you finally decided Daddy was okay.  FebruaryMarch, when you learned how much fun birthdays are!  MarchApril, when I stopped counting how many signs you know, because sometimes you would sign things I didn’t know.  AprilMay, on the day you got your first blind cane.  MayJune, when the pool opened and we discovered you’re part fish.  June–FullPlateMom, who can’t wait to see what 6 more months brings!


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