A Crazy Brave Book Sale for Tian Ci

On Tuesday night, Tess and I held a live book sale via Facebook with all proceeds going directly to our crazy brave Tian Ci.  Tess sat next to me the entire time, well past her usual bedtime, watching every video and requesting that I read her each comment posted.  She is SO committed to raising the money for this little boy to have his heart surgery.  We need $6000.  This seems like so much, yet so little.  We can do this!

Don’t worry!  You haven’t missed your chance to help.  We need you!  There are three options below for you to help!  Please choose the one that’s right for you!

Book sale
Our crazy brave buddy, Tian Ci.

1. You can still buy books.  The sale will be open through midnight tomorrow.  To purchase some great Usbourne titles, go HERE.

2. Within our book sale, we’re selling Cards for a Cause.  Over 40% of the price goes directly to Tess’ fundraiser from every box sold! Choose between 4 designs: All Occasion #1, #2, Kids’ Card Box, Thanks & Blanks. Each box costs $31.65 (includes tax).  If you’re anything like me, you are running to the store the night before or the day of an event to pick up a card and spending $4-5 a piece. These box sets will not only allow you to have stock on hand, but the cards are only $1 a piece! The cards are gorgeous and would definitely sell for more than that in a store!  To order, you can contact our AMAZING Usbourne Consultant via email at avkspencer@gmail.com.  This is open for payment through July 8th.  

Book Sale
Cards for a Cause!

3. You can donate directly to Tian Ci’s surgical fund HERE!  Make sure to designate the donation to Tian Ci, and don’t forget to tell them that YOU are crazy brave for helping us.

–FullPlateMom, who can’t wait to keep chipping away at that $6K goal!

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