When Leaving is the Best Thing You Can Do.


This excitable, frosting covered girl helped us celebrate Juliana’s 10th birthday today.  We’re all a little early in our celebration though.  She’ll turn 10 years old on the 26th, but I’ll be in the middle of Texas, so here we are.


Enjoying our pizza early.  The decision to leave on this trip was one that I made lightly.  It was crazy hard.  A week away from these people, missing the birthday of one of the two girls who will struggle the most with my absence.  She hates me for being here, but she hates me for being away.  Having a mom is so hard for her.

That’s why I’m leaving.  We have had great success with attachment.  She is doing so much better.  But our relationship is merely functional.  I want the connection with her that I have with my other girls.  dsc_0030The only way to do that is for me to work harder, to learn more, to continue to fight for her.  That means I have to leave her to do it.

She made me a picture for every day I’m gone.  I thought that demonstrated the sweetness that I KNOW she has in her heart.  dsc_0031I will spend the next week in Texas working on learning all the ins and outs of Trust Based Relational Intervention, a technique I have grown to know and love that will help my children who live with Complex Developmental Trauma.  You can follow along here if what I’ll be learning interests you.  I’ll be writing  as often as possible.  This book lays the groundwork for this technique if you’d like to learn more.

–FullPlateMom, who is leaving on a jet plane.

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