The FullPlateFamily Does Disney World: Behind the Scenes.

Week before last, we took a much needed break, as a family, and headed to Disney World.  Gigi just went through something completely life changing.  We all needed time to re-group.  This trip had been planned for awhile, and we debated cancelling it.  As it turns out though, it was just what we needed.

We shared this pic, far and wide, on social media.  I love it.  It’s our first family pic, with Joe and I in it, since Gigi came home.  We have thousands of pics of the kids, but none of the entire family.

That’s us.  ALL of us.

I loved those in the park, staged, photography moments.  But, as always, on any family vacation, there are behind the scenes moments that really create memories.

This one was totally unplanned.  “Everybody hug Gigi!” The bigs grudgingly moved toward Cinderella, like the good sports they are, and the photog got this shot.

These were taken during our day of souvenir shopping.  Juliana and Tess, you are beautiful, heart and soul.  You’re polar opposites in personality, one end of the spectrum and the other, but still, I can’t think of two people who love more deeply.

This was a ‘Thank God’ moment.  As in, thank God she fell asleep.  This child knows how to raise heck.

But, she is too cute for words.

And, we celebrated her birthday while we were there.  I don’t think turning 4 is going to force Cate into moving faster along the developmental continuum any faster than she is ready to.  And, we’re okay with that.  She did, however, request that Gigi not blow out her candle.  So, we agreed to assist her with that request.  Gigi doesn’t quite ‘get’ birthdays yet.  Well, not other people’s birthdays anyway.

Joe managed to squeeze in a little physical therapy for Gigi during our days in the sun.

Jump, Gigi! JUMP!!!

Nailed it.

In the Animal Kingdom, we joined some dancers from India, front and center, for a show.

Well, some of us were front and center.  Some of us hung back and started our very own flash mob.

We celebrated Tess’s 5th birthday with a special request of a breakfast out for ALL of us.  By all, she meant some special friends too.

I am so grateful for these moments.

And for the fact that this tiny warrior is still with us to experience them.

–FullPlateMom, who is back to life, back to reality, now.  It was fun while it lasted!



One thought on “The FullPlateFamily Does Disney World: Behind the Scenes.

  1. Awww looks like such fun. I love the first family photo of all you guys. What a wonderful place to have it taken.

    It is so nice to head to FL to take a break from the midwest winter. What a great break after everything that you guys have gone through lately.

    I am so happy you guys got to go.

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