Print Me.

Adoption wise, the rest of the week’s focus was spent on fingerprinting. PRINT US! At this point, I’m cool with it.  We have been fingerprinted so many times now.  You want my prints, you get ’em.  To adopt, we know we have to be printed by everyone and their mother.  That process began this week by going to our local police station with some FBI-issued fingerprint cards.  We had our fingerprints placed on those and they are currently in the mail on the way to California where they’ll be read and “cleared.”  This isn’t the last time we’ll be printed.  We’ll have to be printed at our state’s immigration office too and those prints will be sent to the national FBI database.

Our psychological evaluation has been scheduled for 3/21.  I don’t anticipate that being an issue.  Neither of us have any past mental health diagnoses.  We’ve actually done one of these before.  Prior to adopting Tess the home study agency we used asked us to have one.  They thought we must need one if we had seven kids and wanted to adopt an 8th.  When we asked, one year later, to adopt a ninth child, they told us they wouldn’t update our home study.  That’s when we found our current Social Worker, who we adore.  She has not required this of us, but the country of Colombia does.

Reference letter forms are being sent out by our home study agency.  I am no longer allowed to hand these forms to our friends who will write them.  Instead, our agency sends them and we send them back.

Our will is being update and the kid’s guardians will have to update their statement so that the government of Colombia knows that if both Joe and I die, there will be someone to take care of the kids.

Today I will spend the vast majority of the day updating our autobiographies and getting every kid over the age of 10 years old in our home to sign a background information disclosure form.  Yep.  Everyone over age TEN.

–FullPlateMom, who is chasing paper like a boss.





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  1. Thank you for sharing all the details that go into the process of adoption. It is so insightful and helpful.
    It gives people who are thinking about adopting such an inside scoop on what the road looks like.

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