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Paperchasing from the Halls of the Hospital.

I do my best adoption prep from the ICU.  It’s where all of Gigi’s paperwork was done, while Tess had open heart surgery.  This time, Isabel’s paperwork is being done from Gigi’s bedside.  She is spending a couple of days in the ICU as we re-insert her Cochlear Implant and try to make sure her bleeding disorder stays in check afterward.

So far, so good.  There was a small amount of bleeding after surgery, so she’ll go home on a medication to help with that.  We have to be taught how to use that.  We’re waiting for the pharmacist to do that now.  She is getting stir crazy.  We were roaming the halls pretty late last night, with a hot dog, and Nemo on board.

This week in adoption involved filling out reams and reams of paper about Joe and I.  When you want to adopt, you have to have a social worker evaluate your home.  You have what is called a “home study.”  Part of this evaluation means writing autobiographies and parenting resource plans.  You write a self-reflective paper about yourself and then you discuss the child you hope to adopt and all the resources you’ve identified in your community to help your placement be successful.  School resources, medical resources, adoption support resources, they ask about ALL of them.  I’ve written these so many times.  I would love to say that I could just cut and paste my answers from last time, but sadly, the Social Workers are smart to this and the questions change ever so slightly each time we do this.  I understand that, and it is better that way.  These questions should be asked of me each and every time we do this.

46 pages.  Joe and I typed 46 pages of information about ourselves and our resources.  We sent that off mid-week.

Colombia requires that a psychologist evaluates us prior to adopting too.  Neither one of us has a history of mental health diagnoses.  If we did, it wouldn’t be a deal breaker.  But, we’re not established with a mental health professional, and the report Colombia asks for has to be written a very specific way.  We had to find someone who could do this and establish care with them.  We did.  That evaluation will happen on Monday.  Filling out the information she needed from us comprised another nine pages of writing.

55 pages of everything you could ever want to know about Joe and I.

-FullPlateMom, who is really sick of talking about herself.

1 thought on “Paperchasing from the Halls of the Hospital.”

  1. I am hoping that the recovery went as smoothly as possible and Gigi is feeling great.

    Thank you again for being so open about adoption. It is something that is on my mind, so knowing all that goes into it really helps.


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