Homestudy Complete, I800 A Away!

Our homestudy is DONE.  This is the document from our social worker that approves us for adoption.  It is used by our U.S. immigration officer to move us forward toward approval from their office to adopt from a foreign country.  To do this, we enclose the notarized 23 page document, our birth certificates and our marriage certificate, along with $890 and we send it to the Hague Adoption team for U.S. immigration out of their office in Texas.

An officer will be assigned to our case.  They will review our documents and if they are found to be acceptable, they will send us an appointment to be fingerprinted at our nearest immigration center.  This is 90 minutes away from our house.  We’ll make this trip for ninth time.  We have had three failed international adoptions.  Even though your fingerprints never change, this is required each and every time.  I’ve always wondered why that is.  As of yet, I haven’t heard an answer that makes sense.

Once our fingerprints, or biometrics, are complete, immigration will have the FBI run them to make sure we aren’t criminals.  They will then send us our approval letter.  We will put a cover letter over it, notarizing it as a true copy, and it, and a dossier full of other background information will be sent off to Colombia.

One foot in front of the other, one step at a time.

The kids ask about “adoption progress” every day.  I created this and hung it on our morning room wall.  Every time a step is complete we’ll pray over the newly acquired, extremely expensive, document and remove a step from the board, until it is time to travel.

–FullPlateMom, who knows all that we can do is try.

One thought on “Homestudy Complete, I800 A Away!

  1. If every expectant couple had to do a homestudy and dossier before they could become pregnant, the population would drop drastically!! So much work! I can understand the first homestudy, but I always think that the subsequent ones should cost less and take less time- just add an addendum or something, for crying out loud!! Congrats on getting past this milestone! Praying for your family as you add Miss Isabel to the ranks~

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