I Love Sundays.

We are STILL waiting for our I800A approval from the government in order to move forward with our adoption from Colombia.  It is now day 48.  Sigh.  

Sundays at our house are slow and lazy.  They’re mandatory family time as we worship at home together.  I’ve explained before why we left our church.  This morning’s sermon, via Podcast, was on sibling relationships.  We followed that up with a science podcast about alternative fuels and what Carbon is doing to our environment.  I know how weird this sounds, but this is so my family, faith, science and social justice, not in any particular order.

I cooked.

They wander.

But we all listen.

Every once in awhile someone would ask me a question about faith, science or social justice, and how they all intertwine, and a conversation would begin.  Those conversations bring connection.

This is what I want for them.  To learn about all these subjects, how they relate, and how they shape our world.

That’s why I love Sundays.

–FullPlateMom, who can’t wait for Isabel to join our lazy Sundays.


One thought on “I Love Sundays.

  1. Anxious to hear when you have progress to announce about Isabella! Thank for all the insightful posts regarding raising a multicultural and transracial family. For those of us who are making this journey, and not having alot of examples to follow, it helps us all to network and share what works and what doesn’t. We have 12 children, African American and Asian along with plain old Scandanavian, and we are doing our best to navigate these new waters of raising racially proud and aware children, while protecting them against racial prejudice and discrimination. Thank you for sharing your struggles and your victories! I look forward to your posts and celebrate when your family grows 🙂

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