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An Isabel Update, and Accepting Help.

I don’t know if you know this about me, but I am not one to accept help from others.  Actually, if you’ve read this blog for any amount of time, you know this about me.  I’ve found people to, generally speaking, be disappointing.  I know. That sounds super depressing. It seems safer to just not count on anyone, even family, especially as we added more children to our family.  The more children we added, the more family members walked away.  We simply couldn’t live up to their expectations, and they all had opinions on how we should live.

You know who never did that?  Our kid’s teachers, who have cheered us on every time we have added a child to our family.  They have written letters of recommendation when their time is so precious.  They have babysat our kids while I was traveling to bring a new child home.  This week a teaching assistant handed me a check for several hundred dollars, a personal check, with a personal note about how special it is that I am raising a child who is kind and helpful to the child she assists who has special needs.  That note made me cry.  It feels like validation that we’re doing okay.  The people who know us better than anyone, who see our kids every single day, who fight alongside me to meet their needs, think we’re doing okay.  I need those kinds of notes.

The kids have saved money all summer by doing odd jobs, selling t-shirts, and doing chores for neighbors, to pay for their plane tickets to go to Colombia.  We are still waiting for approval from Colombia.  At the end of August, the government of Colombia asked us for more information about our family.  We understand the need for that information.  We gathered it and sent it back to Colombia, along with 54 pages of photos of our family, our home, our medical providers and our teachers.  Those 54 pages represent our community, and our village.

Tonight our village is coming together again.  A teacher at the kid’s school, who has small children of her own, is taking the time out of her busy schedule to host a Noonday Fundraiser for our travel expenses, so that we can take all of the kids to Colombia with us.  She’s doing this because she knows our kids and what this means.  I am embracing that help.

I also believe in Noonday as a company.

You can be apart of this BEAUTIFUL gesture by shopping online.  You can find the link to the products that benefit women around the world, and our family, HERE.

–FullPlateMom, who thanks you in advance.

1 thought on “An Isabel Update, and Accepting Help.”

  1. I think it’s amazing when we find love and support for our journeys in the places least expected! Throughout our adoption journeys, we have found support from teachers, doctors and the many different therapists and I am always surprised. Praying everything continues to come together for your next adoption and I love it that all your kids are working to support their trip!


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