A Quieter Christmas. A Quieter World.

Last year was an emotional year for us as we figured out how to celebrate Christmas differently.  We grieved our way through.  Just a few days after Gigi nearly died after a routine surgery.  We spent almost all of January with her in the hospital recovering from a surprise heart surgery.  She is doing so well.  But, I’ve been through that enough to know that when the anniversary of these events rolls around, I don’t do so well.

This year I planned ahead to give myself a break.  I am taking a break from social media.  Facebook and Twitter are deactivated.  Those two are a double edged sword for me.  They connect me, but they also cause endless problems as people weigh in on situations they don’t really understand.  They’re both a blessing and a burden.

Last year was a year of quiet.  This year is a year of new traditions.  On Christmas Eve, set aside hours to play an epic game of Monopoly.   We saved all of our sugar cookie dough for later in the day, then we frosted for Santa.

We ate Chinese food in new Christmas pajamas and made a tradition out of watching The Princess Bride, which has nothing at all to do with Christmas, but is one of our all time favorite movies.  There will be pancake breakfasts and plenty of time spent just looking out at the fresh snow, because my child care centers are closed until after the New Year.

I’m breathing in the joy that comes in the morning.  It looks something like this.

–FullPlateMom, who wishes you a very quiet holiday too.

2 thoughts on “A Quieter Christmas. A Quieter World.

  1. Good for you in regards to cutting back on social media connection. Often, less is more. I like to pull back at times, especially during the holidays, and just hibernate with my family. It helps to reduce the interruptions and outside noise and just love on our little ones and appreciate the time spent before they grow up and leave the nest. With the busyness of holiday preparations, this is the first time I’ve been “connected” in about a week, and it has been nice. Enjoy your time being disconnected 🙂

    Blessings on positive news regarding Isabel’s adoption. China cut short our current adoption process earlier this year due to new country guidelines, (we have too many kids still at home) so I will live vicariously through other adoptive families 🙂

    Merry Christmas to your family~

  2. While I understand the need to cut back, I miss your posts. I hope the adoption process is going well and you have your new wee one home soon.
    Please consider a post and keep us up to date.

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