On The Eve Of Our Leave, South American Edition

Hi Kids,

The last time I wrote one of these letters about leaving, it was when Cam, Brady and I were headed to China for Gigi.  Two years and two months later, we’re all headed to South America to meet Isabel.

That thought is mind blowing to me.

I have watched your sister blossom into this person with a vocabulary that is ample enough to explain to us how excited she is about this trip.  For weeks, she has been asking me to get her on that AIRPLANE! The reality of flying will probably a whole lot less exciting than her vision of it, but her ability to communicate is thrilling to me.  It never gets old watching her sign to all of us.

When I wrote this letter about her I confided in you all how scared I was.  I’m less scared for Isabel now that we have seen Gigi’s progress, but that might be foolish on my part.  No two experiences of bring a child home have ever been the same.  This will be different too, I am sure.  Maybe Isabel will never communicate like Gigi?  That’s okay.  If I’ve learned anything, I’ve learned that we’ll figure it out together.

I’m sure there will be scary moments, and sad moments, and funny moments, and crazy moments.  We’ve been telling you for the last few months, as we prepared for this, that this trip is “once in a lifetime.”  It is, in so many ways.  I hope you embrace that as we make the journey tomorrow.  I hope that you seize this once in a lifetime opportunity to let it change you.  Because all of our journeys to you have changed me every time.

Adventure awaits, babies.  Let’s make it a good one!



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