Adoption, Isabel

Out and About in Bogotá, Day One.

We landed in Bogotá at almost 11pm last night.  It was a harrowing journey through a blizzard in Chicago.  We will tell Isabel all about it someday, because it was the stuff of legends.  Traveling with 13 people, through O’Hare airport, with flights cancelling around us, literally, left and right.  We knew this was going to be the outcome, so our wicked smart travel agent and my travel savvy dad told us to get to the airport super early and try to get on an earlier flight.

We did just that, except only 8 of us made it on, 5 of us were seated standby.  We strategized, planned, and tried to figure out what to do if 8 of us made it to Bogotá and 5 got left in the snow.  Luckily, it didn’t have to come to that, because it would have been me and the most medically and emotionally needy kiddos staying behind.

Instead, we rolled up to the hotel at 1:30am.  We slept late, for us, this morning, and were up at 8am and out and about for the day.

The weather here is amazing.  Tess wanted to test out the little playground at our hotel while we all unpacked and drank lots of amazing Colombian coffee.  Well, mostly I did that.  Y’all, the coffee here, I will cry when I have to leave it behind.

Gigi started to get antsy after a bit, so it was time to tucker her out.  My big kids were getting antsy to though, I guess, because when we made it to the local playground, this happened.Brady is in the red tee in this pic.  Look at his face.  I love traveling with this crew.  They are such good helpers.  They’re in this for the little kids, but they also make their own fun wherever we go.

They find ways to include the littles too.  Cam is now much faster than Ally, so to make this race fair, they decided to run it with Cate on Cam’s back.That’s the only way Ally can beat Cam now.

I am in awe of the relationship between these two.  They “burn” each other all the time, but I have never seen them actually angry with each other.  I’m sure they REALLY irritate each other at times, but they have this laid back relationship where it never lasts for long, and then they’re right back to this kind of stuff again.  It’s just easy for them.

They haven’t always been brother and sister.

In fact, we haven’t even reached the point where they have been brother and sister for longer than they haven’t.  That won’t come until Ally is an adult.

My relationship with my siblings is broken beyond repair.  I am so glad that Ally and Cam’s isn’t.  I can’t imagine having what they have.  I hope they hold onto it forever.

Cate loved every second of today.  All the kids did.

I especially enjoyed seeing this.  America isn’t the only place where you’ll find an accessible playground.

–FullPlateMom, who is falling in love with Colombia, heart and soul.


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