The Whirlwind Begins–Day Four

Today began the whirlwind 48 hours that will lead us to Isabel.  I’m writing this at 9:50pm.  I am waiting for the rest of our socks to come out of the dryer.  I will be up at 3am and we’ll all be in the van by 4am.  We have to be on the flight at 6am to get to Isabel’s district.  It is only a 90 minute flight, but the minutes leading up to it feel like an eternity.

Who knew 13 people needed this much stuff for two weeks?  You all probably did.  I did not.  I thought we were simple people.  Turns out, I was wrong.  We are schlepping 200+ lbs of luggage across Colombia, and my back is feeling it.

Today was a fun day for the little kids.  Santa brought them a trip to DiverCity here in Bogotá, and today was the day to go.  This is a kiddie amusement park where you get to do jobs to earn money to buy prizes at the end of the day.  Look at my precious little electrical engineers, working for the power company.  *Apologies for the less than stellar pics.  I had to sneak my iPhone cam out to get anything.  DiverCity wants you to pay for pictures.  Sorry friend, this is where I pretend to not speak Spanish, and therefore not understand, and snap all the pics I want*

Here’s Cate and Gigi working hard in the yogurt factory.

Here are my tiny fashionistas in the Casa de Moda, putting on a show.  Cate wasn’t feeling it.

She was, however, all over trying to catch herself a pigeon in the Plaza Bolivar later in the day.  She wanted to make one of them her pet.

No, I am not kidding.

This was the end result.  Sorry, Cate.

We went to the plaza in search of the elusive coconut.  After spending FIVE HOURS alone with the smalls in DiverCity, my feet were KILLING me, and we couldn’t find the coconut vendor ANYWHERE.

Dejected, we boarded the van to go back to our hotel.  As we rolled through the streets of Bogotá, there was a simultaneous shout of “STOP THE VAN!” as we all laid eyes on a small cart on the corner of a random street.  There was a man there, coconuts piled high, whacking the ends of them with a machete.

Joe jumped out of the van and shouted “I’ll catch up to you!”  And, he did.  He ran to the coconut vendor and then weaved his way back to our van as it slowly navigated big city traffic.  Tess was sure he was going to be hit by a car.  He made it though, and just like that, Ally had a coconut.

She is a very happy girl.

Tomorrow, Isabel!!!!

–FullPlateMom, who is too excited to sleep!!!


One thought on “The Whirlwind Begins–Day Four

  1. I’m not surprised that you were able to find Ally a coconut. No prayer is too small for God’s attention <3

    So happy for you guys- almost there!!! I know it's extra work for you to share your journey, but your words and actions are inspiring others to leave their safe little worlds and step out in faith to consider adoption. Heck, we have 12 kids, and every time I read about one of your adoptions, I want to jump back into it again! I really miss what we refer to as the Adoption Adrenaline Rush 🙂
    Blessings for a wonderful trip and first meeting with your Isabel~

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