Isa Rising

When we adopted Gigi, we all wore shirts that said ‘We rise by lifting others.’  Yesterday, I commented to Tess that Isabel was doing so well, that I finally felt like we were on solid ground.  She has gained so much weight.  She is using so many new signs.  Tess said “She is rising, mama.”

We are in a good space.

We didn’t start out that way.  Isa deserved some privacy as we all lifted her up.  She needed a family to rally for her and make sure she was okay.

She is doing great!  We got the news that, for now, she won’t need heart surgery.  No hip surgery either.  She is headed to a summer preschool program in a couple of weeks!  We are ROCKING THIS!!!

–FullPlatemom, who can’t wait to see how far we rise.

2 thoughts on “Isa Rising

  1. I’ve missed seeing updates on Facebook but am so happy to see this post! Wonderful news about Isa! She deserves a family and I am so thankful she found a great one!!

  2. I’ve followed your blog for some time, and I just wanted to leave a comment today to say how glad I am to hear that Isa is adjusting and doing better. Wonderful news! <3

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