Up the Tower

This morning we started at the Centre Pompidou.

We have joked on Facebook that macaroons aren’t Ally’s thing. Well, modern art isn’t either. But, the view really couldn’t be beat.

Or, so we thought.

After we left the Centre Pompidou, we hopped the subway, and promptly got lost. We would have been fine except several lines are closed for maintenance.

Eventually, we figured it out though, much to the chagrin of our hotel concierge, who tried with everything she had to talk us OUT of riding the Metro and into using the hotel car service. Hard pass. We’re Metro girls, with 6 days worth of pre-purchased rides.

We made it to the Eiffel Tower in plenty of time for our tour. We took the extra time to walk through some residential neighborhoods near by. We fell in love, and sat in a tiny square eating some crosswinds and cheese. Perfection.

We skipped the hours long line at the tower and headed up.

The view from the top did NOT disappoint. So worth it.

And, in true Full Plate Mom fashion, there is a story to share. The second floor of the Eiffel Tower is topped with what looks like square shaped fencing. You can climb a half level and look from an unchanged view, but from the actual second floor, tempting squares of metal. These squares are, apparently, the perfect size to stick your head through.

A child next to us did it, Ally and I gasped, but thankfully, he promptly pulled his head out. Phew. The kid about 10 feet away who decided to emulate the behavior, but with a slightly larger cranium, not so lucky. Totally stuck. I watched in horror as he became panicked, his head locked into the fencing that surrounds the second floor of one of the world’s most famous monuments.

I watched for a moment, then as he began to panic and cry, I stepped over, trying to look as calm as possible, since he didn’t speak English, I simply told his wide-eyed, I’m assuming here, sister “Go get mama!” She understood, because a panicked “mama!” is practically universal. Mama came and there were exclamations between her and her adult travel companion that I couldn’t understand. There was no way to help except to offer my hand lotion. I handed it to them and they nodded. Then, I fled. I am not staying for the aftermath of an Eiffel Tower head greasing. Mostly, because it could have been me.

I could have TOTALLY been greasing my small child’s head to get them unstuck from the Eiffel Tower fencing. It could happen to any mom. Truly.

–FullPlateMom, who might still have to grease a head yet in her parenting career, one never knows.

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