Ally, FPM

Palaces and Paris at Night

Ally and I were super brave and rode the Metro and then the BUS (I KNOW! THE BUS!) to Versailles. We’re actually not super brave to anyone but the Concierge at our hotel and I think she’s just messing with us now because we refuse to use the car service from the hotel, accept taxi help, or buy a tour.

We arrived at Versailles as it was opening and the lines for the main house were queing up.

No thanks. It was a sunny, gorgeous day. We headed straight for the gardens.

We made the correct choice. It was a GORGEOUS, sunny day. We loved every second of it.

After that, we headed to Marie Antoinette’s Palace.

**This might be the only pic of me on the entire trip. Ally prefers to shoot landscapes rather than people**

There are only so much furniture one can look at though, so we stuck to the out of doors.

We headed back to the hotel, ate and went right back out again for our river cruise! When we boarded the boat the Eiffel Tower looked like this…

As the boat docked…

Oh my gosh. This city is amazing.

And, just because we can’t have a day without a story, we had our first odd Metro experience. We now look like we know what we’re doing (I said LOOK like, because I still can’t find the subway stop a good 50% of the time) when we’re riding. We run down the stairs, glance for the number and the direction the line is headed and sprint off to our destination. The Metro here is amazing. We love it.

While waiting for our train, a man came up to us and asked us a question, only it wasn’t in English, or Spanish, or ASL. So, I’m out of luck. Those are my only language skills. I told him “Sorry, English only.” He replied something about “Brazil” and then “Portugués?” So, I told him, in Spanish, that I only speak Spanish, and not Portuguese, at all.

He proceeded to insist that I was Brazilian and that I spoke Portuguese. Sir, I promise you, I do not. I speak only as much as Spanish and Portuguese overlap. He kept telling me I was Brazilian. I kept pointing at myself and saying “No, no soy Brasileña. Soy Americana. Lo siento!”

He was not having it.

So, I gave him directions, off the map on the wall, solely in Spanish. At the end, he thanked me, in Portuguese.

Y’all, I can’t make this stuff up. Ally and I have started saying “Yeah, that’s so Paris 2019.”

–FullPlateMom, who is a magnet for this stuff.

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