Ally, FPM

Sainte-Chapelle and Senior Photos

Today we went to Saint-Chapelle and waited in precisely zero lines to get inside. The Paris Pass is totally worth it.

We moved from there to Senior photos. By October, Ally has to submit her Senior photos for her last year of high school. We have spoken forever about taking these in Paris.

After much discussion, we decided to head back to the Pyramides at the Louvre. I had originally said no to this because of the crowds. But, Ally really had her heart set on it. And, when she has her heart set on something, I try to make it happen.

We made it happen. I may have had to use small orange cones to block off this space, indicating that we were some sort of professional photo shoot.

Aren’t we?

–FullPlateMom, who is sorry, not sorry.

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