Quarantine Chronicles: A Family Fun Fair

When COVID-19 entered our world, and by “our” I mean the little world the world of the Full Plate Family because COVID-19 entered the larger world a long time prior to that, we decided to meet the cancellations with the best attitude we could. We educated the kids about why everything was being cancelled. They accepted it with some tears and sadness, but they embraced the change remarkably well.

I did not do nearly as well. The first major loss was the elementary school Fun Fair. I look forward to this day more than the kids do. I love the schmaltz of it all. The silly games, the face painting, the hot dogs, the powdered lemonade, the pure exhaustion of the kids when the day is all done. I love all of it.

I understood why it was necessary to cancel it. I grieved it. Then I started planning our own Fun Fair. This became the first of our Saturday at home adventures, our Family Fun Fair.

Texts were created.
Games were played. Remember Bozo the Clown? We played his Grand Prize Game. No Schwinn for the win here though. Bummer.
There was face painting.
A Jenga Tournament
Popcorn and juice from the snack booth
And, cookie decorating!

It was so much fun! We’re going to try to do a couple of these a month during what will likely be a long break from school. We’re trying to keep the kids from becoming too sad about what they’ll miss while we’re away from their friends.

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