Frozen in Time

Literally, frozen. It’s snowing up here, at the end of March. Figuratively, we’re frozen as well, because I don’t think we’re going back to school anytime soon. The Lunch Board in the Wellness Center reads ‘March 13, 2020.’ I think it will read that for awhile. This was the last day I drove myself to work. I won’t be going back for at least a month. This is the face of one VERY stressed out School Nurse.

I serve a school where some of the children in attendance receive three meals/day at school. What are we going to do now.

Apparently, what we do best…mobilize. When families came to get their children’s belongings from their lockers, they could take a bag of groceries. We delivered to families who couldn’t get to us.

Being in the communities to drop off supplies showed us that we needed to do more. So, we did. We rolled a U Haul right up to the local food pantry.

FPD is now officially laid off from his work at the hospitals. They don’t have enough PPE to have live interpreters on site. We applied for Unemployment, but he was denied because he is an independent contractor. We need to wait and see what other assistance is offered to us.

In the meantime, the community is helping out. Our local grocery store gave us this. It was at risk of expiring. Nothing expires in this house. It ALL gets eaten.

The kids are doing pretty well. Tess decided to take a Chinese class online. And Cate, well, Cate is staying home.

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