A feast in the Great Hall

Just like every holiday during 2020, the idea of Thanksgiving in quarantine felt odd. My children have also been having a racial reckoning of their own this year. While we seen racism and bigotry personally directed at them, they are becoming more cognizant of what systemic oppression looks like. To them, it looks a lot like Thanksgiving. Juliana is very determined to find a different path to having honest conversations about the real history of America.

It was also Thanksgiving when my family decided they no longer wanted to have meaningful contact with me anymore because of my outspokenness about past hurtful behavior and justice issues related to my children. So this particular holiday holds little to no appeal for me for anyway. For both those reasons, we decided to re-invent it this year.

The kids wanted a feast, Harry Potter-themed. Yes, we had a conversation about transphobia and the ever-troubling attitude of JK Rowling, but the kids decided this is a Hogwarts themed feast and not a JK Rowling themed feast, so she isn’t going to steal their joy. Also, my kids have always found the Potter fandom to be incredibly supportive, so they are unwilling to let that be stolen from them as well.

And so, the Hogwarts Great Hall was born.

Some traditions remained, although altered, like the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.

But there were new traditions too, like wand making.

There were old foods and new too.

Pies were a must, and turkey too.

But, Honeyduke’s was open with some special treats. Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, Butterbeer, and…CHOCOLATE FROGS.

It was quite the feast!

When the sunset, and the floating candles in the Great Hall were twinkling, we all gathered to eat, some of us in our house colors!

–FullPlateMom, who can see the feast becoming an annual tradition.

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