Skiing with the teen boys

I took the teenage boys skiing this week. I am in a transition period with work, which has been pretty difficult to manage. Skiing with these guys brought joy.

We ended up at this hill.

I don’t feel like a very good mom to them lately. Mental health issues for teenagers during a pandemic have taken a wrecking ball to our relationship. Brady hardly lives at home anymore. That’s painful. He has rejected a lot of what we have to offer as a family in place of being with friends and partying. He has made unsafe choices that have left his sisters and risk of COVID-19 infection. That has been really hard for the rest of the family to grapple with. He is focusing on himself right now. This is what he needs to do, I suppose, but it has done real harm inside of our family. Today was about meeting each other where we’re at and spending time together.

It didn’t turn out quite that way, except for Jax and I. AJ and Cam went off together, good friends that they are as well as brothers. They also ski at similar ability levels. Brady happened upon a friend. A coincidence, or so he says. I doubt it. Deep breath, we’re meeting each other where we’re at. We never saw him again until it was time to go.

Jax and I spent the entire time together. This guy has spent his entire life checking on me. “How was your day, mom?” “Did you sleep okay?” And lately, “Why are you crying, mom?” He is precious, and awkward, and has lost so much this year too. I adore him, and I am so grateful for the time he is spending with me and how he is taking care of me, his dad, and his younger siblings. It’s not his job to hold any of us up, and yet, here he is.

–FullPlateMom, who is grateful for the day.

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