Tess is 10! Congenital Heart Disease has nothing on her!

Tess is 10 years old! Given her diagnosis of severe Congenital Heart Disease, we weren’t sure we would see this day. I am so thankful for every day with her, but I am also left wondering where my tiny, slightly blue, toddler is? Tess became my best friend the second I set foot on Chinese soil. She is still my shadow. She is an early riser, just like me, so she will pop into my room long before anyone else is awake just to ask me how I slept and what is on my agenda for today?

She is truly becoming a pre-teen now though. Her early hours aren’t quite as early as they were before. She wanted her hair done for her birthday. Being that we are still in a place where COVID numbers are skyrocketing in our community, this took some arranging. Our beloved stylist opened the salon early just for Tess. They are both masked up, obviously, and we came with freshly washed hair and left to blow dry and style at home. It wasn’t quite the salon experience she is used to, but we are trying so hard to be pandemic safe.

She loves shrimp, especially coconut shrimp. So she chose that for dinner, along with her other favorite, BLTs. Our girl loves her some bacon. We’re okay with that for special occasions. Her Congenital Heart Disease isn’t the same as heart disease in an adult. Heart healthy foods are important for everyone, but she is also tiny, and slightly under weight. We are working on that. In the right amounts, bacon has been helpful.

We are so grateful for Tess. I hope that wherever her birth family is today, they know she is okay, that she is better than okay actually, she is living her best life every single day.

–FullPlateMom, who is so blessed by Tess.

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