A Career Transition

For the past three school years I have worked as a School Nurse at the same elementary school. This week I am making a career transition. I am moving on to high school! That seems crazy to me! I always viewed myself as a “little kid” person. And, moving schools in the middle of the school year, during a pandemic, isn’t optimal. Yet, here I am, in my new office, all masked up and ready to go.

I will miss my school family at the elementary school. But the turn over was beginning to impact me, especially among the admin team. Losing a Principal and an AP in the same year was really hard. We couldn’t form the high functioning team I had always hoped for within student services. Even larger of an issue for personally was the step backward I saw in really adopting practices that would help us move forward on becoming a trauma sensitive school.

Practices that were being put back in place were practices I just don’t agree with. I don’t think they will move the school forward in holistic student health. Leadership and I had to agree to disagree and I needed to move on. It was time for a career transition.

This transition will allow me to continue my work on trauma informed practices in the school setting, work that I intend to weave into my doctoral studies. And, I get to build the high functioning team I dreamed of as we move from a health office to an actual clinic inside of this small city of a school. We are serving 2300 students. For many students, we are their only access to health care. Our work is important. It is especially important during a pandemic, and as we recover from what has happened in our student’s lives while they were out of school.

I know that I am an important piece of that recovery. I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

–FullPlateMom, who is here for more than just Band-aids and barf buckets.

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