No Longer A Teenager. Ally Turns Twenty Years Old!

Ally turned 20 years old this week. She was able to come home from the University for a visit after carefully quarantining and testing negative right before her visit. She has been living in a large University dorm. She contracted COVID in October from someone in the dorm, despite being very careful. As a respite provider for her sister, she has now been fully vaccinated as a Tier 1A health care provider, but I am still anxiously waiting for more research on just how well protected that makes her. So, we are still being very careful.

We have missed her so much! It’s so good to see her again! Juliana and Sofia baked her a cake. There was even soda! Soda is a huge treat in our house. Good old Faygo for the win!

It’s still pretty wintery here, and Ally loves soft cozy things, so we followed the trends and got her a super soft, popcorn sweater, in a color that looks AH-MAZING on her. Juliana was impressed. I guess that’s what happens when you’re twenty years old, you’re officially old now, and you like receiving gifts like sweaters? That’s what Ally told me.

Isa was especially happy to see Ally. She asks about her daily. They FaceTime a lot. She always reminds us (in her native language of ASL) where Ally is. In doing this, she is reassuring herself that she understands what went down when Ally left. “Ally, left…University. Come home, soon.” That promise was hard to keep with COVID in play, but again, we’re doing our best.

She did manage to talk Ally into doing her hair when she was here. I appreciate that as well. Isa sits for Ally. She sits…less…for mom and dad.

–FullPlateMom, who can’t believe she is mom of a fully grown human.

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