A Birthday Twin. Jax & Isa Celebrate Together

Jaxen and Isabel (Jax and Isa) share a birthday. When we were preparing paperwork to adopt again we asked Jax how he felt about having a birthday twin. He is our most laid back kid, so he didn’t think much about sharing his special day with someone 9 years his junior. He just wanted to make sure that our birthday traditions would stay intact. We assured him they would.

The letter board went up. As I always do, I am going to say that I can’t believe how old he is. My little buddy is a 6’2″ tall freshmen in high school now. Wow.

A picture of a letter board with the words 'Happy Birthday Jax, My little buddy, We love you so much, 15 years' on it in white letters.

Our American born kiddo wanted Chinese food, the kind that comes from an actual Chinese-owned restaurant. So, that is what he got. I love him for that. It made his Chinese siblings very happy too. He got Manga, because that is his passion currently.

Jaxen, a tall Black boy wearing a pink hoodie, sitting at a long table with a plate of Chinese food in front of him. He is smiling for the camera.

Our birthday twin was celebrated the following day when we held a party for Isabel.

An image of a letter board with the words 'Happy Birthday Isabel, Nuestra Colombiana, We love you so much, 7 years' on it in white letters.

Our Colombiana chose chicken nuggets and French fries, because she is definitely Colombian-American now. The kids wanted her to get a chance to try Chick-fil-A, but we aren’t down with their values, so these are look Costco nuggets that supposedly taste very similar served with homemade sauce.

Isabel, a small Black girl in a dark purple dress, eating chicken nuggets and French fries off of a silver plate while smiling for the camera.

She wanted a doll. We chose this one. It appears to have been the right choice because she is sure it is Ally. Ally has worn her hair like that in the past. This doll isn’t shaped like a white girl. Representation matters. Isa is really happy with her gift.

Isabel, a small Black girl in a dark purple dress, with her doll. The doll has long, pink, braided hair. Isabel is holding the doll for the camera to see.

–FullPlateMom, who loves her birthday twins.

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