Gigi Outside: A Make A Wish Story

In late October, we learned that Gigi would need another heart surgery. It was so disappointing. Immediately, I requested a referral to Make A Wish. There was zero question about what she would ask for. Gigi is an outdoors girl, she is always requesting to go outside. Virtual school ends and she is signing “Gigi outside.” She usually takes Goose (Cate) with her. When they’re in the yard, they’re swinging on the tree branch swing or hunting for bugs. Gigi just loves being outside.

Then, she read a book about camping and it was all over for us. She demanded to try it, but this started in October. The winter months in Wisconsin are no time to go camping, so we improvised. Indoor, weekend camp outs became the thing at our house. I get up on Saturday mornings and find this…

Children lying in sleeping bags all over the floor of the living room. Isabel has one eye open and is peeking at me while I take the picture. In the middle of the room is a large, pink striped, A-frame tent.

It has become part of my Saturday routine to cook camp breakfasts. I love this new tradition. Ultimately, Gigi would like to camp for real, but we weren’t sure when she would need her surgery, or what her recovery will be like. So, for awhile, there will be lots of backyard camping and tent camping close to home. Also complicating factors is what Gigi asked for from her wish granters at Make A Wish.

Gigi read this book, and she fell in love.

She asked for a camper. Make A Wish has ordered this one for her. Alas, campers have also been impacted by COVID-19. Components are scarce. Build-outs are taking a long time. We don’t know when the camper will come. We are making the best of it though. We started an Amazon wish list for her and I linked it on social media. We only included the fun stuff, the stuff she associated with camping, as opposed to all the boring stuff we would need to safely tow the camper. No kid cares about that stuff.

Our village rose up for Gigi, and the list was emptied in approximately 15 minutes. We kept adding things for her. She is so excited, and we are so grateful!

–FullPlateMom, who can’t wait to camp with Gigi.

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