Bo Gets Back In The Water: A Return to Swimming

Bo is back in the water! He is returning to swimming. Bowen in a nationally ranked Junior Paralympic swimmer. In fact, he is a champion in some events. We feel like it is safe for Bowen to get back in the water again as COVID-19 is winding down. He has had his first vaccine. Numbers here are falling quickly as our community clamors for the vaccine. The club Bo swims for is taking great care of their swimmers.

So, he got back in the water.

Bowen, an Asian boy with Dwarfism, is wearing a red swim suit and holding a blue kick board. He has a cap and goggles on his head and is slowly lowering himself into the pool.

And, it was like he never left. So, after a couple of weeks of training, we entered him into a Paralympic-sanctioned event locally. It was about 90 minutes away. He and I drove out together so he could compete.

Bowen, an Asian boy with Dwarfism, is wearing a red racing swim suit and white swim cap. He is bent down in the starting position on a swim block, ready to dive into the pool.

Y’all, he brought home times that qualified him for Junior Nationals swimming in Denver! He is so proud!

Bowen, an Asian boy with Dwarfism, is walking on the sidewalk. He has a white mask with blue print on it. He has a t-shirt and grey joggers on. He is wearing Adidas slides. On his back is a black mesh backpack. His backpack has many ribbons and awards hanging from the loop at the top.

So, Joe and I talked at length about all that Bo gave up this past year, and all that he is about to give up. He missed his last year at his elementary school, which was a bummer for him, but it wasn’t such a bummer for his dad and I. We have had to help him traverse the waters of bullying for a long time. Next school year he is supposed to move on to a middle school in our neighborhood, the same one all his brothers and sisters attended. He won’t be going. We have chosen an online public charter school for him.

At first, he was really upset about this. Now, he feels better about it. He doesn’t want to be a target either. Finding success in swimming has made him less of a target. It has given him a huge amount of self-confidence. That is so worth the trip to Denver, and more.

–FullPlateMom, who can’t wait to shout “GO BO GO!”

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