Bowen’s 11th Birthday Trip to the Asian Market

Bowen celebrated his 11th birthday today!

Image of a black letter board with white lettering. Letters spell out 'Happy Birthday Bowen! U R THE BEST. We love you so much! 11 years'

Bowen has quite a few things he loves, and many of them are related to China, his homeland. So, it was pretty on brand for him to ask for a trip to the Asian Market near us for his 11th birthday. He wanted to pick up all his favorite goodies. He loaded up on noodle bowls, and bao buns, and so many other good things. He and Tess wandered the aisles for a long time debating their purchases. They were kind enough to pick up items for Cate and Gigi too.

Image of Bowen, a small Asian boy with Dwarfism, bent down choosing two bowls of noodles from the bottom shelf of a grocery aisle. His sister, Tess, a small Asian girl with long black hair is standing in the background. She is wearing a plaid flannel shirt and holding a multi-pack of dried seaweed under her arm.

For dinner? Kentucky Fried Chicken. He’s American too, y’all.

–FullPlateMom, who loves that Bo loves the best of both his worlds.

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